Garage Builders

Need a garage built in Rapid City or the surrounding area? We can customize the design and size of your new garage to fit your needs and lifestyle. Want a bigger area for your tools? Need your boat or RV to fit within the garage? No problem! We can design your garage to house your tools, sports equipment, hobby equipment, or whatever else you need.


Many of our clients want a studio or office space above the garage. We can do that as well. We also do garage conversion where we take your existing attached garage and convert it into a livable space.

Our experts can even add a new roof, vinyl siding, or a concrete driveway to a garage.

Lot Coverage

One of the first things you should consider when building your garage is what size of garage your city will allow you to build on your existing lot. Lot coverage building codes are not all the same. Codes vary in different cities and townships. You are only allowed to cover a certain percentage of your lot. This percentage also includes your home. From there, you can start getting quotes to see what fits into your budget.

Detached Garage

If you have a narrow lot that goes back to an alley, a detached garage may be the best choice for your lot size and shape. However, a detached garage will eat up a lot of the space and yard you have. This may be where an attached may be the best fit for your needs. This way you will still have a good portion of your yard for your family and pets to enjoy. If you are wanting to set up a workshop where you can have space for projects, then a detached garage would be sufficient. A detached garage could offer more space than an attached garage.

Attached Garage

You should take into consideration the styles in your neighborhood and the condition of your home. Attached garages are new architecture, so having an older home will make this garage look out of place. It could also reduce the charm of the neighborhood and salability of your home. Another important factor is the intended use of the garage. If you want quick access from your home to your car, an attached garage would be a better idea.

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