Naturally decay and insect resistant, Redwood decks are some of the easiest to maintain.

I love redwood because it’s easy to work with and it has chemicals in it that make it naturally resistant to decay. It also makes it not too tasty for most wood-destroying insects. Its stability helps it look great for longer amounts of time. It contains little or no resins, which enables it to retain finishes.  This is the middle of the road for price.  Just a little more cost than the pressure treated wood deck.

If you are looking to stain your deck with that beautiful wood finish, this would be your deck.  A cedar wood deck is very similar in quality of wood and the wood is more on the yellow side, while the redwood is more on the red side.  Really just a preference, if you prefer cedar decking over redwood, no problem.

Redwood holds paint very well if you use it for a handrail. When you go to apply your redwood deck finish, you’ll discover that it readily accepts penetrating stains that help preserve the natural grain and color of redwood.

redwood deck with basic railing

Redwood Deck with Basic Snow Removal Railing.

redwood deck addition

Redwood Deck Addition.

Remember that water is the enemy of lumber, and when you decide to build with wood outdoors in just about any location, you have to protect the structure from moisture. Redwood can be damaged by water, but it resists that damage far longer than other woods do.

To see a deck staining guide, click here.

The cost for redwood is the middle of the road.  You could assume a redwood deck would cost for materials and labor about $30-$35 per square ft. Variables are concrete pillars, type of railing, height of deck, amount of stairs,  angles, and removal of old deck.  We would be happy to come out and give you a free estimate for your new deck project.  Contact us today!

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